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Frequently Asked Question and Answers


Q: Why should I become a Subscriber?

A: When you subscribe to be Dhaka Escorts Member, you get your own personal user LOG IN information on the site to use it in your own way to view all of our escort photos, select them and to place order to make booking. This subscription is purely for vetting purposes. You can do it anonymously, no need your personal information to become a subscriber.

Q: How do I become a Subscriber?

A: Click here. You should buy mobile phone refill cards of Taka300 available (any operator) in any corner shops of the town, scratch out the PIN CODES, Fill in the form, and send to us. We will check it's validity as soon as we receive it in a minimum time. We'll send you back your Access code with all necessaty information in a return email to LOGIN the photo album.

Q: How do I become a Subscriber from outside Bangladesh?

A: If you are located out side Bangladesh, you will become a subscriber free of costs. Just type "access" in the message option of your cell phone and send it to our prime number +8801762137755, you will get the Access code to your mobile instantly.

Q: I've forgotten my Member password. Now what do I do?

A: You can use our online email interface to inform us, we will email the username and password to your email address. But it must be within the valid period of time.

Q: Does Dhaka Escorts share my personal information?

A: Never in the history of the site have we shared member email addresses with any other website. The only email you will get from this site is our Monthly Newsletter if you choose to subscribe to it.

Q: Is your Dhaka Escort Agency legal & safe?

A: The Dhaka Escorts is fully legal and 100% safe for our clients as well as ourselves.

Q: Discretion & privacy? How do I know your Dhaka Escorts and it's services are professional?

A: 100s of our clients can not be wrong; they tell that we are a discreet service provider with full privacy. You can visit us for once to prove publics' opinion.

Q: I've never used an escort service nor visited an adult spa facility before. What can I expect from your Dhaka Escort Agency?

A: Don't worry! Our fully trained coordinator will guide you whole the time whenever you need them to be discreet.

Q: What escort & massage services exactly do you offer?

A: We serve normal escort and massage service which are appropriate for the normal clients.

Q: How much does your escort service cost for one hour or longer? What does this include?

A: This services are varieties and itemized. So, before you book an escort, you'd discuss with our receptionist what you exactly expect from our escorts before booking. They'll give you best suggestions for you.

Q: Can I pay for my Dhaka Escort Agency with credit card? Will it be safe & secure? How does it appear on my bill?

A: No, we do not accept credit card or debit card payment for our clients' privacy. We accept cash only payments for better discretion.

Q: I am scared of health issues and STD's. Are your Dhaka Escort Agency drug and disease free?

A: Our escorts are fully STD free. They appear in medical test in every 3 weeks for their present health conditions.

Q: I want to visit the In-call locations but I am afraid of safety and discretion issues. Exactly where is the In-call located and how does it work? Will I be safe and my privacy assured? Is it discrete to have your car and driver pick me up at my hotel?

A: We've several in-call location in the city maintained with fully discretions for our loyal clients. . You can be assured for your privacy in everyway in this services.

Q: I've used escort services before in the USA and other countries and have had horrible experiences with ugly escorts and poor service with the escort girl not into it and rushing out of my hotel room. How do I know you won't rip me off like some other agencies have done before?

A: We offer very selected and limited service for our clients, so, no rush. You can see the photos before booking what will you exactly have at the moment.

Q: Are all escort pictures on your website real and genuine?

A: Yes, our photo gallery is fully real and genuine. We do not use fake photos in our website.

Q: Pictures on your website are great but I want to see the Dhaka Escort Agency in person before I make up my mind. Is this possible?

A: You can make it for your satisfaction at any time.

Q: What happens if the escort arrives at my hotel and I am unsatisfied?

A: In this case, you deserve the right to refuse or to cancel the meeting by any means. Dhaka Escorts is a referral agency who sub-contracts independent companions to our clientele. We offer a companionship session that is non-refundable. 

Q: If I visit your Dhaka Escorts adult spa, the Pleasure Principle, am I obligated to purchase an escort or erotic massage service or may I just inspect the facility and the escorts with no obligation?

A: You can do anything what you want in a gentle manner and business rules.

Q: What are your hours of operation?

A: We are open from 11am to 11pm daily.

Q: What happens if I have to cancel an appointment?

A: Sometimes this will be unavoidable. In the event of a cancellation, please provide at least two hours advance notice. If you need to cancel an appointment more than twice on short notice, we will be unable to provide you with a companion in the future.

Q: Do you offer male escorts in Dhaka?

A: Yes, we offer male escorts very limitedly.

Q: Do you offer escort services for married couples (swingers)?

A: Yes, we do so.

Q: Do you offer escorts services in all Bangladesh Cities, Cox's Bazaar and other destinations in the country?

A: Yes, but it must be prepaid basis.

Q: Are all of your escorts Bangladeshi? Do you have white or light skinned escorts? Do you have Russian escorts?

A: All girls working with us are Bangladeshi. We do not have foreign girls.

Q: I have a very special fantasy or fetish. Do your escorts entertain clients who have fantasies and fetishes? How may I arrange for fantasy scenes?

A: Yes, of course. You can have it too.

Q: How do I reserve my escort service?

A: Please discuss with our receptionists all about it prior to the booking. They will advice you the right solutions.

Q: Do we offer any special rate or discount?

A: We offer special deals with repeat VIP clients only. Please ask our coordinator during next payment for details.

Q: I'm staying in an all inclusive hotel and have had difficulties getting escorts into my hotel previously. Can your escorts enter my all inclusive hotel discretely?

A: We have no problem at all to enter into any hotel in the city.

Q: I do not like "professional escorts" but instead want a really hot laid back girl to have a hot time with. Do you have ladies who really enjoy what they do and are passionate? I don't want a "cold fish" experience; can you take care of me?

A: Not much but we have such ladies who are really hot and nonprofessional in this business to fulfill your expectation.

Q: Should I tip my escort? How much is acceptable and normal for an escort tip?

A: It's totally upon your discretions. No limitation on this issue.

Q: Bangladesh in general scares me. How is a genuinely first class adult escort service and luxury brothel operating in BANGLADESH? I'm concerned with safety, hygiene, discretion and everything. Why and how does your business exist in Dhaka, Bangladesh of all places?

A: All the brothels are legally operating their business since a many decades. But safety, hygiene, discretions are your concerns.

Q: What is your e-mail and toll free phone number from the UK, USA & Canada?

A: No toll free phone. Email: admin@dhaka-escorts.com

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